Twin-Rig Monitoring - i-Fish Shop

Twin Rig Monitoring Overview

Are my trawl wires marked correctly?  Is my centre weight in line with the doors?  Is my trawl spread optimally?  Is the trawl on bottom?  This system provides the answers by attaching small robust trawl sensors to the gear.  All information is transmitted to the vessel wirelessly.

Get the information required quickly to allow you to make changes to the wire out and the door setup to enable you to get the desired door spread when changing ground. The system is accurate to within less than a couple of feet, giving you the door spread on each net you'll know quickly if both nets are fishing as intended. 

Knowing the 'warp lengths' when fishing you'll know how much to pull back the centre weight to bring it in line with the doors. And you no longer have to pull out wires down the pier to check marks, or wonder if the wires have stretched and if you have the gear in line.